Nobody wants to have a problem, especially a legal problem in his life. However, there are problems as well as the beauties in our lives. One of the annoying of these is legal problems. However, with the right legal aid, these problems are no longer a problem.

When a legal problem occurs, lawyers who are legal professionals are needed to solve it. But how to find the right lawyer, how to get the right legal aid? Of course, there is no recipe for this.

However, when you decide to start working with a lawyer that you think is sufficient in the field of law you need, trust must be the most important emotion you will look for in yourself. Because the most important element of the lawyer-client relationship is “trust”. In the moment that you hesitate to trust your lawyer, there is no sufficient way to get legal aid. Because the lawyer, who is a professional in this job, will soon understand that you do not trust the lawyer. Although she/he tries to do her job, co-coordination will be impaired due to the client's lack of trust. For this reason, it will be unfair to the lawyer when there is the slightest suspicion in your mind.

What should you do after you start working with a lawyer you are sure of and trust? First of all, you should tell your lawyer about all your legal issues, without hiding anything. Your lawyer will not judge you whether they find you right or not. Therefore, if you do not tell your lawyer about the injustices you think you are doing, and this occurs during the trial process, your lawyer who does not know this is caught off guard, so you may lose your case.

Trying to persuade or deceive your lawyer leads to a negative result in your case. Because the lawyer acts with the information you provide.

Do not forget! Law is a technical field. Do not try to make a legal contribution to your lawyer regarding your case. For example, sending a decision of the Court of Cassation you see on the internet to your lawyer will only cause your lawyer laugh because he has seen thousands of those decisions. All you have to do is to explain the problem in detail and to inform  if there is any update regarding the legal problem.

Another issue is the need to know that there are no important developments in the case in a short time. Unfortunately, trials take a long time in our country. After your lawyer gives you information about the processes and the necessary petitions are given, there will be no improvement in the time between the hearings. Do not think that your lawyer has caused this prolongation due to incidental reasons such as the length of the case, courts, experts, and the delay of the articles from related institutions. As in any human relationship, lawyer-client relationship. a close and sincere dialogue will solve for your legal problems.