With the growth of insurance companies and the increase in the variety of insurance, important revolutions occurred in the field of health insurance. Many issues were covered by coverage in insurance contracts. However, in 2020, it was one of the most important questions whether private health insurances will cover the coronavirus outbreak’ payments which we are struggling with as nation and the World.
However, if the epidemic disease is not specifically written, the insurance company will naturally have to pay the hospital costs caused by the epidemic within the scope of private health insurance.
According to the media reports in the recent days, an insurance company announced that they would cover the costs of treatment in the coronavirus process, as they did not include epidemic diseases in the policy, and many insurance companies declared that they would cover the coronavirus treatment costs under private health insurance.
This is, of course, not binding, but up to policies of insurance companies. Consumers who have private health insurance should check whether the epidemic disease is included in the policy regarding the out of warranty situations. It should be said that the insurer has no obligation to pay if there is an epidemic is listed as out of warranty. However, considering the sensitivity of the process, it should be taken into account that many companies have announced that they will cover the coronavirus treatment payments even if they are out  of warranty.