The Covid-19 outbreak suddenly reached terrible levels all over the world. Since the health systems of the countries have caught unprepared for this, they could not meet the needs of the patients so tht private health services have begun to give service too. All hospitals, including private hospitals, were accepted as pandemic hospitals in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, which increased in Turkey in a short time with rapidly growing case number.
Since such severe epidemic disease have not been observed in the recent past, the issue of epidemic disease has been considered as a very remote possibility in both legislation and insurance and similar contracts and has not been given importance. In this context, the question of whether private hospitals can invoice the service provided to patients whom they give service in the treaatment due to epidemic disease, as in normal times, was an important one.
Amendments on the Social Security Institution Health Services was published  in the Official Gazette No. 31094 dated 9 April 2020. The health services and treatments given due to the epidemic are accepted as an emergency. Private health institutions do not have the right to receive additional fees for the treatments under the emergency.
In summary, the private health institution does not have the right to demand additional fees from a patient who has been hospitalized and treated in this context for the treatment of epidemic disease such as coronavirus Covid-19. With this communiqué, some exorbitant sums, which are stated to be requested from patients who have been treated in private hospitals for the treatment of coronavirus must not be paid.
The fight against coronavirus has become a national struggle; With this communiqué, it is once again stated that it is the duty of private hospitals as well as public hospitals to treat the patients infected with this virus. Private health institutions do not have the right to demand additional fees from patients who have applied to a private health facility with suspected coronavirus and who have been treated for this disease. In case of requesting money in this direction by private health institutions, we recommend that an objection be made with the consultancy of a lawyer.