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Real Estate Law
The law which deals with the rights of both parties in real estate transactions, within the framework of laws, is called real estate law.
With the real estate sales contract, the parties become rights holders. In order for the real estate sales agreement to be valid in official transactions, it must be arranged in accordance with legal procedures in front of a notary. Although these real estate contracts are binding between the buyer and the seller, it is imperative that they be annotated to the title deed in order to avoid any victimization in the future. Otherwise, the same real estate can be sold to another person with this contract. Deed annotation can be done at the request of one of the buyer or seller.
The validity period of the annotation put in the title deed for the real estate sales agreement is 5 years.
Foreigners can buy any kind of real estate (Housing, Workplace, Land, Field) as long as accordance with the legal restrictions. (FOREIGN AFFAIRS DEPARTMENT)
Information about who can buy real estate and properties in Turkey can be obtained by Embassies of Turkey, General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre and Directorates of Land Registry,
Foreigners who are citizens of countries determinated by the President can buy real estate in Turkey. Foreigners must comply with some restrictions while buying the properties. For example, real estate can not be bigger than ten percent of the district face measurement. It can not be more than  thirty hectares per person across the country. The President is empowered to double the amount available per person across the country.
Numbers of The Real Estate Allowed Acconding To Nations
Iraq 348, Saudi Arabia 181, Iran 156, Russian Federation 120, Afghanistan 108 Kuwait 79, Germany 78, Azerbaijan 61, England 52, Jordan 52, Ukraine 51, Qatar 41 Egypt 41, Sweden 34, Yemen 32, Kazakhstan 28, Netherlands 24 , Palestine 23, United States 22, Libya 21, Other countries 297