Çalışma Alanlarımız

Property Law
Property law is mainly regulated in the 4th Book of the Turkish Civil Code No. 4721, and is a branch of law that regulates the real and limited real rights, scope of the property right, acquisition and transfer of ownership on any movable or immovable property which has tangible assets.
The main subjects of the propety law aiming at protecting the interests of those who have rights on the property are real rights, possession and land registry. To address key issues, real rights are absolute rights that enable individuals to have direct control over the property and therefore can be claimed possession on against anyone. Possession is holding  a movable or immovable property regardless of one’s property right.  Land registry is a record held under the responsibility of the State to demonstrate the status of the immovable property and rights according to the principles of registration and clarity.
As Önal & Önal Law Office, within the scope of property law, with our experience of over 35 years and our lawyers, each of whom is expert in their field we serve our clients in many subjects such as:
- Preparation of contracts for the sale and transfer of real properties,
- Filing lawsuit for encroachment cases,
- Filing lawsuit for land registration and rescission,
- Preparation of the construction agreement in return for land share,
- Establishment of limited real rights on real properties,
- Partition sale cases,
- Elimination of flat ownership disputes.