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Press - Communication Law

The concept of media entered our lives as a definition covering radio, television and journalism in the years when private televisions increased. However, with the internet age, the new media type named social media has become a way covering almost all media and communication concept.

People who communicate via social media and over the internet have behaved much more confidentally since they could hide themselves behind the internet. A different communication language has developed. People who are tied with social taboos, masks and etiquette rules have chosen to act recklessly behind the protective shield of the internet. Most people have developed a new language of communication. Especially on social media people insulting and swearing each other easily caused many criminal and compensation lawsuits. It should not be forgotten that; There is no difference between insulting the face-to-face insult and on social media or over the internet. In fact insulting on platforms such as Instagram or twitter is a situation that requires  more punishment than insulting face-to-face, as it has publicity.

In addition to that, sending direct insults and swearing messages made it very easy to commit a crime since it has become easy to deliver direct demands to statesmen or artists, which were very difficult to reach before. It should never be forgotten that it is no different from talking to strangers on the street while using the internet. There is a nice definition that the tongue has no bones. We can make this ‘’the keyboard has no bone’’ for the virtual world. A message that you send as a result of an instant anger may seriously cause you some troubles in the future.

Again, if you are careful and suspicious about people who want money while walking on the street or  about the stories told while asking for help, you should have the same skeptical attitude when you are buying products on the internet or if you are going to pay for donations, games etc. Unfortunately, fraudsters damage many people by imitating many reliable websites. The way to prevent this is to learn to use the internet safely and not to lose control while we are on the internet. The generation growing with the Internet learns this easily. However, generations accustomed to television think of the internet as television and think that there is only one-sided communication. Whereas, in the movie "Vizontele", when people saw the television for the first time and asked, "Will Zeki Müren see us?" was funny. If we ask the same question for internet and social media, this question will not be funny anymore, and the answer will be "yes". Therefore, while using the internet, remember that everything you write and every transaction you make leaves a mark and may concern law at any time.

Developments such as watching television on the internet, listening to the radio on the internet, reading the newspaper on the internet makes it impossible to seperate the media  from the internet. In line with the developments, legal regulations are also made and jurisprudence occurs. What is learned from developments is this; It should not be forgotten that there is no unlimited freedom in internet use, social media and other platforms, and everything that is done may have legal consequences.