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International Trade Agreements
It is important to have a basis for eliminating the disputes completely or as much as possible in the creation of the desired trust environment in international trade. Fort his purpose, commercial contracts that are duly signed by the parties.
Principles such as the price, duration, rights and obligations of the contract, the correct recognition of the parties, the clear explanation of the requests, termination, insurance, legal obligations or the determination of the items to be added should not be ignored. Likewise, whether the signatories have this authority or not will determine the binding nature of the contract.
It is important to get legal consultancy before signing the contract, to get help in the management of the process and to sign the contracts under the supervision of a lawyer.
As Onal&Onal, consultancy on the subject before the process and discussion and preparation of these contracts which are necessary fortthe solution of all kinds of commercial disputes are among our services.