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Intellectual Property Law
Intellectual Property Law
Intellectual and industrial property is an intellectual product that belongs to a person or organization, and the owner of this product has various rights such as sharing, using, controlling, converting, distributing, distributing, selling. ONAL & ONAL provides services for the protection of all kinds of Intellectual (Intellectual and Artistic Works, Types of Works, Related Rights, Computer Programs and Databases) and Industrial (trademark, patent, industrial design, utility model, geographical name and sign, integrated circuit topographies) and other rights (company titles, undisclosed information, trade secrets, plant breeder right) within the scope of Intellectual Property Law.
Our services include:
  • Follow-up of intellectual property processes (application, appeal, license, transfer, registration and follow-up of similar contracts and transactions…)
  • Discussion and preparation of contracts (management, license, technology transfers, copyrights, registered trademark / patent transfer…)
  • Legal analysis
  • Newsletter follow-up to protect registered rights
  • There is legal advice in cases such as copyright, invalidity, cancellation, compensation, rape, unfair competition,
  • It is our duty to support our local and foreign clients we advise by experts in all areas related to Intellectual and Industrial Property.
Laws such as Industrial Design Law, Intellectual and Artistic Works Law, Patent Law, Industrial Design Law, Trademark Law are other areas of law in which Intellectual property law works together. ONAL & ONAL is a leader company which has vast experience and wide perspective in this field.
ONALPATENT IP was established under ONAL & ONAL as a result of the increase in the number of legal consultancy and enforcement activities carried out within the scope of Intellectual Property. ONALPATENT IP is one of the rare companies that has WIPO experience and reliable local partners in 150 countries and can successfully manage the entire Intellectual Property process. Dominance of the entire legal process that ONALPATENT IP has makes it easier to achieve the goal.
He is also an active member of the Patent and Trademark Attorneys' Association (PEM) and the Technology and License Managers Association (LES). He is actively participating in the activities of the association that it is a member of and following the developments related to Intellectual Property.