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Inheritance Law
ONAL&ONAL Law Office is at your service for rational and effective solutions, by giving you legal consultancy, litigation and follow-up of the process regarding your inheritance law.
Our company has accomplished many successes on Inheritance Law; The testaments that were told to our clients by many people and institutions, which can not be canceled, were canceled at the end of the lawsuits with rational legal solutions and new jurisprudence was created by the Supreme Court as a result of the lawsuits filed by us. It covers the rules regarding the situations that may arise during the sharing of the properties that occur in cases such as the death or disappearance of a person. In case of unjust sharing of properties, all heirs have rights to file a lawsuit for a fair sharing.
Decedent simulation: action of replevin, refusal of inheritance; partition sale in heritance; actions for reduction are cases which are carried out under the inheritance law. And the titles are mentioned below.
Conditions to be a heir, death, inheritance to the spouse, legal heirs, divorce, state inheritance, exheredation from inheritance, removal from inheritance,hidden share, testament types, cancellation of the will, action for reduction, the transfer of heritage, inheritance debts, rejection of inheritance, community of heirs and so on.