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Foreigners Law
Turkey is a country which face immigration seriously because of its strategic location. Like in any other countries, Turkey has also some legal regulations to provide permits such as work and resident.
ONAL&ONAL help its clients with consultancy, follow-up and legal actions to solve all kinds of problems related to foreigners law such as applying for Turkish citizenship, residence permit, work permit, dismissal, real estate and inheritance law, employment of foreign personnel, permits to be taken, procedures to be applied in accordance with related laws.
Entry and resident permits od foreigners are examined with Foreigners and International Protection Law, No 6458 by Immigration Authority of the Ministry of Interior
Although a permit applications can be made to Turkish Repucblic embassies in other countries, people who have 6-month of residence permit can apply in Turkey online without leaving the country;
The documents which can be take with e-goverment password taken from PTT offices should be fulfilled and handed in Immigration Authority in time.
You can learn more about the process by clicking the link below.