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Enforcement-Bankruptcy Law
Why Us In Enforcement Law?
Our office gives advocacy and consulting services the domestic and foreign companies for the collection of receivables in Turkey.
With its expert staff who have been working for 20 years without interruption, our office provides consultancy and legal support in collection of check/bad check, execution, provisional attachment, pledge, mortage transactions,judical follow-up,cancellation or revocation objection, cancellation of savings, negative clearance, complaints/objections which couldn’t be done within the period, child delivery through enforcement proceedings.
Enforcement proceedings are the follow-up initiated by the creditor at the Directorate of Enforcement to collect the debt with state power if the debtor does not perform his debt for any reason.
Enforcement proceeding with judgement: The court decided in favor of the creditor who is violated and whose rights are not fulfilled. The defendant does not fulfill his requiremement voluntarily, so a payment order is sent to the debtor by the Enforcement Office.
Enforcement proceeding without judgement: The Law also accepted the follow-up through enforcement without judgement If  only money and collateral must be taken. In this way, the creditor's receivable does not need to be determined by court order and taken into convict.