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Contract Law

A contract is an agreement between two or more people on certain issues, either verbally or written. Legal experiences has shown that many of the major legal issues have been caused by inaccuracies and omissions in contracts.

Unfortunately, many contracts, from the simplest lease agreements to high-volume commercial agreements, are signed without the assistance of an attorney, and therefore great mischiefs occur. In general, since as there are only positive thoughts from both sides while signing the contracts, parties do not consider the importance of assistance of an attorney. However, when there is a problem in the execution of the contract, it is thought to consult with an attorney for its solution. In this case, it is very difficult to overcome the deficiencies and mistakes in the contracts.

However, many legal problems can be prevented if legal assistance is received during the writing of the contract. Contracts can be made as desired with the will and preferences of the parties. This is called freedom of contract in law. However, no contract can be made about immoral matters, criminal matters and things that are impossible to do.

Apart from this, if one of the parties is in a weak position while the contract is made, the law and practice will protect this (weak) side. For example, if the employer wants  the employee to sign a new contract while the previous contract is valid, the worker who does not want to lose his job, even if the conditions are against her/him, will accept this contract. In this case, the contract articles against the worker will be considered invalid. Also, if a party is deceived and the contract is signed, the annulment of the contract may be the case.  However, the reasons for making wrong decisions because of lack of experience and similar reasons are unacceptable on the contracts for the merchants or companies. Because companies have an obligation to act as prudent merchant as well. Under this obligation, excuses such as the companies do not notice or misunderstand the conditions in the contracts they signed during the signing phase, or similar excuses will not be evaluated. For this reason, it is obligatory for companies to get professional help in signing contracts.

The contract signing process, which seems simple, can cause extremely complex legal problems because of the incomplete and erroneous contracts. That’s why, it would be extremely useful to get support from an attorney instead of downloading and signing made-up contracts available on the internet.