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Competition Law
Competition Law, which is regulated in the framework of the Code No. 4054 on the Protection of Competition in Turkish Law, is a branch of law aiming at the balanced implementation of competition in the free market and preventing the abuse of dominance by the undertakings dominant in the market. Although the birth and development of competition law dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, it has become an increasingly important area in recent years due to the speed and scope of economic activities.
As regulated in Article 2 of the Code; agreements, decisions, and practices, preventing, distorting or restricting competition in markets for goods and services, the abuse of dominance by the undertakings dominant in the markets, all kinds of legal actions and behaviors such as mergers and acquisitions that will significantly reduce competition, measures for the protection, determination, regulation and supervision of competition are included in the scope of Competition Law and therefore Code No. 4054.
As Önal & Önal Law Office, within the scope of comptition law, with our experience of over 35 years and our lawyers, each of whom is expert in their field we serve our clients in many subjects such as:
- notifications and lodgment of a complain to the Competition Authority,
- Resolution of unfair competition disputes arising from the trademark and business name,
- Filing and pursuing for competition lawsuits in the courts,
- Consultancy services on mergers and acquisitions and pursuing the process.