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Company Law & İnstitutional Consultancy

Companies, which prefer professional working style, receive legal aid not only when legal problems arise, but also to prevent many problems before they even start. This will only be possible by getting consultancy from a good law office.

According to the Article 35 of Attorneys’ Act joint stock companies with a capital of more than 250,000 TL are required to work with an attorney. Although this legal obligation is intended for companies to create a culture of working with an attorney, it is a commercial obligation to work with an attorney regardless of the type and capital of a company for a healthy business life. In practice, it is observed that the obligation fulfilled by paying an ostensible fee without receiving a legal aid. This situation is extremely wrong and risky for the companies.

In practice, because of  the agreements made without the approval or assistance of an attorney, companies suffer financial losses. It is inevitable that there is a great risk in transactions that are carried out without the help and counseling of an attorney, not only in terms of contract but also in almost all matters, and often this risk will lead to negative consequences.  Getting corporate consulting on issues such as setting up and terminating of the business relationship, the preparation of contracts, debt and receivables management will enable the company to see the way ahead and the loss of millions will be prevented because of simple legal mistakes.

Companies, which are among the most important actors in the developing business life, have a very detailed and wide legal field in the field of corporate law. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to work with an office that knows the commercial law and especially the corporate law when choosing the law office that they will work with.

It should be also considered that, the fee to be paid for the legal assistance before there is a problem,  will be much less than the cost of facing a serious legal problem since there is no legal support. Therefore, for companies, receiving a continuing legal services is much more rational, safe and inexpensive than choosing to apply for legal assistance when a lawsuit is filed against the company.