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Capital Market Law

The capital market can usually be defined as the place where capital supply and demand are met. Capital market law, on the other hand, is the law that consists of the legal regulations regarding the functioning and supervision of capital markets, the protection of investors' interests and the continuity of the markets. Capital market law is mainly regulated by the Capital Market Code No 6362 in our country. The purpose of the law is stated as “regulation and supervision of the capital market to ensure the functioning and development of the capital market in a reliable, transparent, effective, stable, fair and competitive environment, and to protect the rights and interests of investors”.

The Capital Markets Board is authorized for the fulfillment of the aims and practices specified in the Law, the regulation of the principles and procedures for the capital market institutions and instruments, and the supervision of the institutions and partnerships within the scope of the Law. The basic functions of the Capital Markets Board are; making regulations regarding capital markets, approving the prospectus and issuance documents, giving the institutions and partnerships the necessary permits to perform certain activities in the capital markets, supervising and monitoring for the stability of the capital markets, and implementing measures and sanctions.

Within the scope of the capital market legislation, it requires knowledge and experience to follow many notifications and applications to be made to the Capital Markets Board and BIST (İstanbul Stock Exchange) , to carry out activities such as capital increase and public offering, to issue and sign important contracts, to sell foreign funds, stocks and debt securities without any problems. Önal & Önal Law Office provides legal support and consultancy to its clients in carrying out all kinds of transactions related to capital markets and pursuing the investigations opened.