What is sports law?

Simply put, sports law is all about the laws, regulations and judicial decisions that govern sports and athletes. Sports law deals with a variety of matters ;

Commercial Contracts

Forming and negotiating commercial contracts between sportspersons and clubs or between athletes and brand sponsors

It has become increasingly important to include contractual clauses concerning player’s movements, in particular contractual offers from rival clubs and sporting codes. In the competitive market of player drafts and swaps, it is important that all player contracts have clauses in place detailing the process of a club or code swap.

A contract which details acceptable conduct and the consequences of breach becomes important in these circumstances.

Intellectual Property

Sportspersons as brand ambassadors endorsing different products, to branding and merchandising by sports clubs and the unauthorised use of images or trademarks

Sponsorships and endorsements can be a very lucrative area for players, sports clubs and sports goods companies. It is essential to understand who has the rights to the images, posters, jerseys and other such products sold and distributed by clubs, players and associations.

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Sports-related injury issues

Are coaches and clubs legally liable for the actions of their athletes or does a team doctor owe a duty of care to athletes or sports clubs?

Many sports pose serious dangers to participants. A person who suffers from a sports-related injury may recover medical expenses and other losses.


Creating policies and procedures for sports clubs

Clubs and associations should have policies in place which promote the responsible use of alcohol, discrimination and social media guidelines, and the do’s and don’t’s for sportspersons. A well drafted policy not only eliminates risk but also helps in educating sportspersons about expectations and acceptable behaviour.

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Setting up a sports club

Legal requirements when setting up a sports club.Sports Clubs and associations have to comply with the regulations set out by sports governing bodies.

Why do I need a Sports Lawyer?

A sports lawyer can help with all your sports-related legal matters and ensure you and your sports club are compliant. Without proper legal guidance, it can be difficult to understand your legal rights and responsibilities.Our Experienced lawyers provide expert legal advice on any sports-related legal matter. They will also equip you with the right legal documents for your needs. Covering everything from, commercial contracts, sports club incorporation, creating tailor-made policies and addressing any of your legal concerns.