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Our company has achieved many successes in the field of Inheritance Law;
the Court of Cassation has created new precedents by the Supreme Court of Appeals as a result of the cancellation of the will of the people who were told to our clients by many people and institutions that could not be canceled and the lawsuits opened with rational legal solutions.

Inheritance Law :

Inheritance Law is a field of law that examines the values ​​of property transferred to murisen heirs and related personal rights within the context of private law and is examined under the Turkish Civil Code.

It encompasses the rules for the sharing of property that arises in situations such as the death or disappearance of a real person and the circumstances that may arise in the process of allocating assets within the inheritance rates of inheritors. In case of unfair distribution of his assets, all heirs who have won the title “varis” reserve the right to file a lawsuit and claim the right.

Muris mutilation; retaliation case; rejection of inheritance; remedy of inheritance partnership; the cases of defamation are investigated within the scope of inheritance law and the topics are as follows:

Hereditary inheritance, hereditary inheritance, inheritance deprivation and withdrawal status, hidden shares, types of testament, cancellation of the will, denunciation, inheritance of the inheritance, inheritance debt, inheritance rejection, heritage partnership, … and so on.,

Basic concepts of inheritance law

  • Heritage; Property and rights left by Murisin’s heirs.
  • Muris (inherited); natural person Inheritor;
  • Real or legal person who can claim the inheritance Terek;
  • Heritage Consecutive subordination;
  • inheritance passes through direct heirs, no separate transfer operations are required Small succession;
  • assets are transferred according to the status of the heir. Testamentary disposition;
  • The actions that Murisin made while luckily;
  • will, inheritance agreement, heirship, donations ..