Onal&Onal is a law firm who have a respectable place and a leader in the field of law offices. The firm is founded in 1986(Ankara) by Erendiz ÖNAL.Has solved many legal controversies throughout his career. During these years, he used his knowledge, experience and strategical sight as a guidance for himself.

Since 1986 ,We have adviced our clients for industrial and financial institutions , multinational corporations, financial and industrial institutions, professional partnerships, commercial associations and individuals.Customer Area includes domestic and foreign clients.We are sensitive to cultural, social and legal differences to local and international needs of clients and able to respond consistently and reliably with the knowledge and sources we have

ONAL&ONAL is an intellectual and experienced law Office that provides all the legal services from consultancy about Bussiness Law, Company Law ,Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law and Contract Law etc.

ONAL & ONAL supports his clients about how to set up the best company in Turkey and about the necessary contracts for the development of companies (leasing, sales and technical support contracts, licenses, employment contracts, such as sub-contracting and deflocculation contracts) assists in the writing and discussion of the issues in the same way.

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