13 November 2018

What is mission of the Court of Cassation (Supreme Court of Appeals of Turkey )

The mission of the Journal of the Court of Cassation is to contribute to precedents with rich content and high quality scientific opinions, to become a […]
26 September 2018

Last minute statement from the Ministry of with Capital Interior Affairs! Those who want to get citizenship…

With today’s issue of official newspaper due to the 106th decision some of regulations according to acquire of Turkish citizenship of foreigners have been changed. Amount […]
3 January 2018

Nıl Demirkazık exclusives from judge

Collector Nil Hayal Demirkazık continued to prosecute for 4 years and 6 months imprisonment claiming that he committed “fraud” by selling 3 false statements against 5 […]
2 January 2018

Erzincanspor ‘accidental’ execution of 1.4 Million Turk Liras – 01 FEBRUARY 2011

Delice District of Kırıkkale Asliye Civil Court, Erzincan Sport Club footballer who lost his life in a traffic accident On February 21, 1997.The footballer lost 300 thousand Turk […]
29 December 2017

The train was broken, the TCDD was sentenced for indemnity.

Erendiz Önal, a lawyer from Ankara, filed a lawsuit against the TCDD for being trapped in a train for 11 hours and sentenced the institution to […]
28 December 2017

The lost document cost dearly – 12 DECEMBER 2011

Emre Bahçıvan, who went to Canada for university education, requested a high school graduation certificate from her mother Moussel Bahcivan in Ankara for registration to university. […]
26 December 2017

The Lawyer Went Down After The Harasser Found His Punishment

Lawyer Erendiz Önal, who worked as a detective after being harassed on the subway in ANKARA, convicted the abuser he had caught the day after. Lawyer […]