Born in 1975 London. she has attended elementary school in Saudi Arabia's capital Riyadh during the period 1982-1986. After she returned to Turkey and continued her education in Kayseri Anatolian High School during 1987-1994, in the period of 1994-1998 she graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law. She finished her law internship at Önal&Önal Law Firm and in 1999, she signed up to the Ankara Bar Association. Since 1999 she has been serving as legal counsel in Onal&Onal Law Firm.

At the same time she is an attorney of trademark and patent that is registered in the Turkish Patent Institute. She has great knowledge In the field of intellectual property law, based on many years of experience. Trademark,patent,design and utility model in Turkey and international authorities before any follow-up are some of activities she is interested in, in this area .

In addition, the law of contracts is an area that she expertises in. Incorporation, mergers, divisions and different types of contracts based on the changing situation, subcontractor agreements, distributorship agreements and partnership agreements are some of the preparation works in this area that she specializes in. She knows severe English and Arabic

Communities that she is a member of ;
• Ankara Bar Association
• The Turkish Patent Institute
• Ankara Bar Association Riding Club
• Patent and Trademark Attorney Association
• Technology and Licensing Association (LES)

- Banking and Commercial Law Research Institute- English For Lawyers Certification Program – 1998
- Ankara University- Turkish and Foreign Languages Research and Application Center –Arabic Language Training- Degree: Honors- 2004
- Turkish Patent Institute- Certificate of Patent Attorney-2007
- Turkish Patent Institute -Certificate of Trademark Attorney- 2007
- Council Of Europe & Turkey Bar Association -European Convention on Human Rights Training Seminar -2008
- Ankara Bar Association –No. 6100 Civil Procedural Law Training Seminar- 2011
- Turkey Bar Association &Assistance And Solidarity Foundation Of Lawyers Of Turkey -International Electronic Evidence Training Program- 2012
- Ankara University- Technology, Creativity and Intellectual Property Certificate Program Certificate aiming at providing expertise - 2013

• Oil
• Textiles
• Industry
• Construction
• Food
• Contract Law
• Intellectual Property Law
• Trademark and Patent
• Copyright Law
• Business Law
• Commercial Law
• Law of Obligations
• Compensation Law
• Competition Law
• National and International Arbitration Law
• Administrative Law
• Tax Law
• Foreigners Law
• Energy Law
• Competition Law