Av.Erendiz Önal

Born in 1959 Lüleburgaz. He graduated from law faculty of Ankara University at 1985. He has taken part in the solution of many legal disputes in his 28 year of professional legal carrier. He is the founder of Önal&Önal Law Office. He is married with three children. He knows English. He is still the president of Ankara Bar equestrian club and also an honorary and board member of Capital Equestrian club. Erendiz Önal especially has vast experience in company law. He mostly gives consultancy services to the companies and also his extraordinary achievements in compensation law has taken place in the media for so many times. In the filed of law of obligations, lawsuits that causes by, in tort for damages which cause from the run of man responsibility, the delivery of defective goods, and the lawsuits arising from the breach of contracts; in the area of company law, formation of the companies, company’s legal counsel during the operation of the Company's articles of association, mergers, divisions and different types of contracts based on the changing situation; in the area of inheritance law , case for cancellation the inheretors colourable transactions , removing from inheritance, bequests arrangements, the cancellation will and testament, in the field of property law; removing the case at hand, throwing prevention, follow-up case for occupation are only a few of Erendiz Önal’s activities in these areas.

The communities that he has membership at :
• Ankara Bar Association
• Ankara Bar Association Riding Club
• Capital Equestrian Club

Uzmanlık Alanları ;
• Company Law
• Bankruptcy Law
• Criminal Law
• Law of Obligations
• Compensation Law
• Administrative Law
• Property Law
• Inheritance Law
• Tax Law
• Foreigners Law
• Energy Law
• Competition Law

• Tourism
• Oil
• Textiles
• Industry
• Construction
• Food