Can Lafcı

Can Lafcı is especially working in the field of Intellectual Property Rights. Software Piracy, Counterfeit Brands, Brand and Trademark Protection of the Right of Rape Prevention, Protection of Copyrights are a few examples of his works in this area. However, he has great accumulation in the areas, Commercial Law, Company Law and Law of Obligations. He also has experience in the areas Companies, organizations and management of emerging disputes, termination, or disposal of companies such as Mergers and Exiting Partnership regarding the management of companies. Especially he has extensive experience in cases originating from in the area of commercial litigation relating to international trade and international trading. Nevertheless Trade Law concerning the preparation of any contract to provide consultancy services to companies are also his professional activities. Also in the field of criminal law he has followed numerous cases, and he is dominated in current criminal law. he speaks English and Russian. He is also related with literature and has many stories that has been published in magazines and also he has a novel called “When the carnations are dying”

The communities that he is a part of ;
• Ankara Bar Association
• Ankara Bar Association Riding Club
• Wolkswagen Beetle Lovers Association

Specialties ;
• Criminal Law
• Intellectual Property Law
• Criminal Law Intellectual Property Rights
• Business Law
• Commercial Law
• Law of Obligations
• Compensation Law
• Administrative Law
• Competition Law
• Information Law
• Sports Law