ONAL&ONAL Law Office was Founded by Lawyer Erendiz Önal in 1986 Ankara

ONAL & ONAL is a leading company that has a respectable place in the field which directs the legal sector. The firm is founded by Erendiz ÖNAL in Ankara in 1986 who has contributed to the settlement of many legal disputes in his professional life. He has guided his knowledge, experience and strategic vision in the legal fields for many years.

Since 1986 ,We advising our clients for industrial and financial institutions , multinational corporations, financial and industrial institutions, professional partnerships, commercial associations and individuals.Customer Area includes domestic and foreign clients.Sensitive to cultural, social and legal differences to the international if needs of clients , social and legal differences, responsive, consistent and reliable.

ONAL&ONAL ; ONAL & ONAL; Companies Legal and Commercial Law, Intellectual and Industrial Rights Law and Contracts Law is a knowledgeable and experienced law firm that provides all legal services from consulting to being a lawyer.

Company Establishment :
ONAL & ONAL supports his clients about how to set up the best company in Turkey and about the necessary contracts for the development of companies (leasing, sales and technical support contracts, licenses, employment contracts, such as sub-contracting and deflocculation contracts) assists in the writing and discussion of the issues in the same way.

Counseling services are among the services of finding alternative solutions such as follow-up of cases and mediation and reconciliation and by reaching the result with the right strategy by producing the most appropriate and effective solutions to the expectations of the clients without losing time and money, and by doing all these things determines all these within the framework of budget friendly service.

With its well-equipped, experienced and expert staff, this firm is building the bar by hiring professionals in the fields of translation, finance, technical, science and so on.

ONAL & ONAL Law Office closely follows current legislation and high judicial decisions and contributes to the development of law and the creation of new jurisprudence through the legal solutions it develops. Many legal problems that have been accustomed to memorizing solutions and not being solved by those who are not accustomed to classical lawyers and who have not been able to develop alternative and creative perspectives have come out from our legal entities which are convinced by firm that they have been concluded in a positive way and are condemned to desperation.

Our law firm sees the law as the art of seeking the right of the just and meeting his right. What is right is that the legal bureaucracy does not accept a rule of law that makes our uncompromising clients unresolved and despairing, that the problem is superficially overturned and that people are condemned to injustice. Our law firm have an understanding and an act of finding and absolutely finding justice.
For İnstance ;
Our company has accomplished many successes in the Law of Inheritance. Proverbs told by our institution and people to our clients which cannot be cancelled are forced to be cancelled in result of reasonable legal solutions and by many lawsuits and new case-law was created by the Court of Cassation as the result of lawsuits filed by us.
Erendiz Onal's achievements in the area of compensation law have been repeated several times and it is the first of its kind in Turkey with the question of compensation. Regarding the Compensation Law; In the face of the massive victimization of the PTT's loss of cargos, we have been able to pay compensation for the massive victimization resulting from the loss of the cargo and the cases we promised only to pay the postage and which we have opened against the administrator showing the rusty wheels of the bureaucracy to our clients. In this regard, the Court of Cassation has signed the first case law in our history.

ONAL&ONAL IP has the possibility to provide intercontinental support with specialised business friends who have necessary human and information resources and able to conclude all registration application in prefered country/countries within the shortest time with the deep knowledge of ONAL&ONAL Law Office in addition to ONAL&ONAL IP’s own qualified personnel and business service capacity.
Onal&Onal’s trademark and patent attorneys under the leadership of Attorney Zehra Gurbuz Onal who is a Trademark and Patent Attorney according to Turkish Patent Institute in addition to her memberships of Licensing Executives Society (LES) and Trademark/Patern Attorneys Society (PEM)..

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