Erzincanspor ‘accidental’ execution of 1.4 Million Turk Liras – 01 FEBRUARY 2011
2 January 2018
Last minute statement from the Ministry of with Capital Interior Affairs! Those who want to get citizenship…
26 September 2018

Nıl Demirkazık exclusives from judge

Collector Nil Hayal Demirkazık continued to prosecute for 4 years and 6 months imprisonment claiming that he committed “fraud” by selling 3 false statements against 5 billion pounds.       Ankara 8th Criminal Court of First Instance filed a lawsuit today,Demirkazık attended Mahmut Servet Kızılkaplan’s attorney Erendiz Önal.When the photojournalists who entered the court room together with the reporters tried to get an image.Demirkazık standing on the defendant’s desk,leaving the courtroom where the prisoners entered the court room.Demirkazık, in the meantime, turned against the backs of the assassins and demanded that the journalists be taken out.Judge Yusuf Öztürk took out members of the press upon this and made a secret session.Demirkazık, while separating from his name, arguing that he did not know the accusation,claiming that “slander”.His purpose is just commercial.I opposide ingredient of this “he said”.On the question of how the relations with the AK Party, ” Beautiful ” Demirkazık,he said that the government succeeded. Demirkazık stated that he did not accept the assertions in the position and said that he did not do picture trade.Demirkazık, the main Kızılkaplan; Ibrahim Safi, Seref Akdik and Hasan Vecihi Bereketoğlu’na claim to be owned by 3 pieces of counterfeit table for 5 billion TL is claimed to sell. The indictment demands a penalty of 1.5 years to 4.5 years for Demirkazık in accordance with Article 502/1 of the Turkish Penal Code (“TCK”) and “cases of increasing or decreasing punishment

(Article 522).