The Lawyer Went Down After The Harasser Found His Punishment
26 December 2017
The train was broken, the TCDD was sentenced for indemnity.
29 December 2017

The lost document cost dearly – 12 DECEMBER 2011

Emre Bahçıvan, who went to Canada for university education, requested a high school graduation certificate from her mother Moussel Bahcivan in Ankara for registration to university.

Gardener’s mother sent the document to his son Emre throughout a branch office of PTT named Mesa on March 21, 2001, with the APS receipt number 2999. But the document and the letter disappeared. In response to the claim that her son is a victim, the mother who applied to the PTT for the solution of the harm was answered  with, a simple, “We will pay you TL 90.” The family who carried this issue to the law, applied to Erendiz Önal. The case that was filed by Önal in 2002 against the PTT for 100 thousand TL for material and moral damages was rejected on 22 February 2006 in Ankara 17th Court of First Instance.

10 years of struggle

Lawyer Önal, who sentenced State Railways to compensation for delay, appealed the decision. 11th Law Office of the Supreme Court of Appeals overturned the local court’s judgment on 11 February 2008, stating that ‘the damage should be covered.’ On top of this, the local court sentenced the PTT to 9 thousand 77 US dollars on February 12, 2009 and sentenced to 3 thousand Turkish liras compensation for the worry that Bahçıvan had started 1 year late for school. Since 2001, legal interest has also been awarded for compensation.

PTT objected

However, this decision appealed to the PTT’s lawyers. The Eleventh Court of Justice of the Court of Cassation awarded the decision of the local court on 31 March 2011. The lawyers of the PTT went to the decision-making process this time. However, the Supreme Court of Appeals 11th Court of Law on September 23, 2011 gave a penalty of 185TL to the PTT for their decision to re-comfirm and for their amend an unfair decision. Lawyer Önal, on 1 November 2011 with legal interest charged the PTT for 47 thousand 812 TL.