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28 December 2017

The Lawyer Went Down After The Harasser Found His Punishment

Lawyer Erendiz Önal, who worked as a detective after being harassed on the subway in ANKARA, convicted the abuser he had caught the day after. Lawyer Önal, victim E.D. and with two of his employees caught the abuser at the metro station and handed him to the police. At the law firm that testified in the case of the 32nd High Criminal Court in Ankara, said, “We met with the defendant from time to time. He was harassing me. The police officer who witnessed the incident told me that he could testify and gave his phone, I got encouraged. “

Defendant Mete A., who does not accept charges said, “I am harassing for 3-4 months, why did not the victim complain? I am complaining because he slandered me. The witness wanted money by saying that the police officer came after the workplace, regretted that he wanted to change the expression. I recorded it for evidence. I will put them on the court “. Police officer Cesur D. “If the defendant calls me and asked to change the i-school money,” he refused claims.
On the previous day’s arrest, the defendant Mete A. was sentenced to three years in prison. The judge found Cesur D. about the crime alleged “to enter into the relationship with the defendant and demand a bribe”.